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Project Title Amount US$ Million Polonnaruwa Water Supply & sanitation 32.9 Maintenance of BMICH 2.1 International Study center BMICH 1.5 Construction of Exhibition center BMICH 1.8 Muthurajawela oil tank farm project 3.6 Renovation of fisheries Harbors damaged by Tsunami 18.2 Construction of few selected Road Infrastructure 14.5 Bandaranaike Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Beijing Credit CN Business Co., Ltd. 2010.12.8 0574-63530088 NO.329 North Side Main Road, WangGuDai village,Kuangyan Town,Cixi City,Zhejiang Province,China 315333 sp.infoom Combustion Haicheng Suprasuny Pump Co.,Ltd 201005711100061 0412—3862589 0412—, government policies designed to support businesses often focus on manufacturers, effectively discriminating service providers. Addressing this problem is expected to promote industrial convergence and help generate high added value in the manufacturing sector through a …

Regarding services trade, the Russian Federation ranked 11th as exporter and 7th as importer in the world (considering EU member States as one and excluding intra-EU trade) in 2014. Balance of payments data indicate that the Russian Federation is a net importer of services although its deficit decreased from US$46.6 billion in 2012 to US$36.6 is a net exporter of services. The services trade surplus as a percentage of GDP increased from 2.6% in 2010-11 to 3.9% in 2013-14, mainly owing to growth in exports (receipt) of computer, information, and telecommunications, and other businesses


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